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Individual Sessions

Bret Lyon's individual sessions are geared to the individual and involve a variety of disciplines.


For many people, the path to behavioral change and emotional healing leads through the body.

Reichian therapy is designed to help you open your breathing and release your muscular "armoring" so you can regain your natural energy, aliveness and connection with life. I trained in Reichian therapy with Al Bauman, who trained directly with Wilhelm Reich. I practice a particularly gentle form of Reichian therapy, influenced by Buddhism, Focusing and the trauma work of Peter Levine. In a safe, supportive environment, without forcing or trying, I help you gently allow your breathing to deepen and grow — from survival breathing to full-body breathing. When you breathe fully and freely, you connect directly with your autonomic nervous system, which controls tension and habit-patterns not accessible to your conscious mind.

Breathing freely in this way releases tension and blockages. You may begin to move and make sounds spontaneously. For some, deep emotions from the past come up and are expressed. For some, the experience is totally peaceful — or wildly joyful. Whatever happens is fully accepted and allowed — with no pressure to do or acheive anything. Discussion at the beginning and the end of the session help you relate the experience of the session to your life in the present — and the past.

The work helps you gain access to inner resources so you can be more comfortable and assertive in your life. You stop holding yourself back. You become clearer about what you really want and how to go about getting it.

You can begin to change your breathing patterns and develop a breathing practice in four or five sessions. To get full benefit from the work and make major changes in your life, weekly or biweekly sessions for at least several months are suggested. Private sessions can also be taken in conjunction with workshops; this speeds up the process and lowers the cost.

Sessions run a full hour. For obvious reasons, they are available only in person. My office is in Berkeley. Fee is on a sliding scale.


Focusing is the most powerful verbal therapy form I have ever experienced. It is also a learned skill, which you can practice by yourself or with a partner. In Focusing, you use words to connect directly with body states. Focusing can be particularly useful if you are wanting to get new insight into a specific problem area or stuck place. I am a Certified Focusing Trainer, having trained with Ann Weiser Cornell. I offer Focusing Sessions with an emphasis on breathing and the body.

Focusing sessions run a full hour. They are available both in person and over the phone. Fee is on a sliding scale. For more information about Focusing, please see Ann Weiser Cornell's website at www.focusingresources.com.


These sessions are designed to meet your specific goals. They provide guidance in self-improvement and dealing with difficult issues and stuck places. They are really conversations between us in which we discuss the connection between your present and your past, see if we can look at your situation from a different perspective and work together to solve problems. I draw from my wide reading in psychology and my own life experiences. I often recommend books to read — though there is no obligation to read them. The sessions are educational and inspirational.

Sessions run a full hour. They are available both in person and over the phone. Fee is on a sliding scale.


For details, please see the Communicate with Confidence website: www.CommunicateWithConfidence.net

Schedule a Session
To schedule an individual session with Bret Lyon, Contact Bret.


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