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Body, Breath & Being Articles

The following articles by and interviews with Bret Lyon are available online for your enjoyment.
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NEW!!Back to Basics: Learning How to Breathe
This article by Amy Moon appeared on SFGate.com (the website of the San Francisco Chronicle) on February 20, 2007. In this highly engaging article, the author describes a visit to see Bret Lyon for a private Body, Breath & Being session.

Let Loose
This article by Mary Beth Crain, which originally appeared in Playgirl magazine, extensively cites the work of Bret Lyon. Bret's awareness of how voice and breathwork enhance aliveness in other areas of life, specifically orgasm and pleasure, are explored. Solo and paired exercises are described in detail; these enhance awareness of the body, help to free the breath, and enhance pleasure and connection. Bret offers some tips on how to stop performing, and start enjoying the art of love.

Making Friends with Your Emotions
An illuminating comparison of the fluid emotional responses of children and the more rigid emotional responses of adults.

The Fire and the Pool: Finding Your Energy Source
This article describes, in powerful metaphor, the experience of Body, Breath & Being in action

The Power of Breathing
This article originally appeared in the Winter, 2003 issue of Open Exchange

I'm a Lot Happier When I Breathe
This article originally appeared in the Summer, 2003 issue of Open Exchange

Sex & Pleasure: As Much as You Can Stand
Examines how sex, pleasure, breathing and energy flow are all connected. Explores the Amazing Contribution of Wilhelm Reich. This article originally appeared in the Summer 2003 issue of Common Ground.

Real Life Breathing — Some Suggestions
Take a Breathing Break or Mini Vacation
Articles on how to begin the Body, Breath & Being process

Establishing a Breathing Practice
For students who have taken a Body, Breath & Being workshop

Radio Interview with Bret Lyon
"Ask a Therapist" Radio Hour, July 2002

A thorough explanation of what Body, Breathing & Being is and how it works. Explores breathing, energy flow, working with emotions, the importance of being gentle, nurturing and connection with others, spirituality, grounding, armoring and surrender.


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